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Stoner Trivia: Game For Potheads

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RoverLand Games Inc. presents to you a new game devoted to marijuana trivia. "Stoner Trivia™, A Trivia Card Game", is a fun novelty game that tests your knowledge about marijuana and the stoner culture.

This game includes tons of fun questions about Stoner Movies, Music, History, Paraphernalia, Law, Medicine, Sports, Television, Unjust Bust, World Culture, Horticulture, and more. These questions will leave you and your friends chatting for hours!

Each Stoner Trivia™ question has a point value of either +2, +3, +5, or +10. Answer questions correctly to build up points to trade in for DOOBIE Cards. Collect 4-20 point DOOBIE Cards and win the game!

This game includes 350 Stoner Trivia™ questions, 25 DOOBIE Cards, 20 BUZZ Cards, 10 BUSTED Cards, 15 HAPPY TOKING Cards and a set of game instructions.