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Stonerware Pot Leaf Baking Pan

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Our baking pan makes six leaf-shaped goodies and is made from a flexible 'high' tech silicone that is oven safe up to 420 degrees! For tasty treats that are always baked and never burnt, make your next batch in the shape of its content! This awesome kitchen paraphernalia is great not only in the oven, but is also freezer, microwave and dish washer safe! Wow, there is just no place this thing doesn't go. Perfect for shaping and molding anything you can think of, from home made soap, candle wax, chocolates, Italian ices any thing you can think to mold you can mold in this pan! Hot or Cold! This versatile 'piece' of bake ware includes 2 crazy recipes that are easy to make and tasty too, great for even the biggest case of the munchies.