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Strobing Ultra White LED Hat Lights



Raver Strobe Flashing White LED Lights. This Raver Flashing Cap Light is perfect for any event or just everyday use. Not Only Can you be the life of the party with you super bright cap light you can hold it in your hands, use on the dance floor at a rave, This great light simply clips itself onto any baseball cap to make it hands free. Two functions: Constant on and Raving Strobe party effect.

With two light functions press the button once for flashing strobe action or twice for a standard light. The cap light is compact and engineered to withstand extreme conditions and use. It is powered by 2 lithium coin cell batteries for 48 hours of ultra bright light from 5 led bulbs with 10,000 hours of burn time.
Cap light only weights 1.24 ounces with batteries. Its is also Water resistant. Ships with extra pair of lithium coin cell batteries.

Cap Light attaches to all caps for the most practical, hands free light source available.