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Sunglasses Sounds Reactive E-Qualizer T-Shirt


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Sunglasses Sounds Reactive E-Qualizer T-Shirt. A Light up sound activated Shutter Shades T-shirt that responds to your voice, music, etc... No light bulbs just a thin panel which is sewn right onto the T-shirt.

With its more realistic Equalizer style the NightLifeDesigns Equalizer T-shirt is taking over. Let yourself stand out in the crowd with a Light up sound activated T-shirt that responds to your voice, music, etc... No light bulbs just a thin panel which is sewed right onto the T-shirt. The Equalizer shirt is now improved with streamlined design and advanced technology to enhance your clubbing/raving experience even further. The technology has been visibly refined with an even lighter thinner display, brighter colours and more responsive graphic equalizer. The louder and faster the beat, the greater the light show.

As with the display itself, the battery pack is lighter and is incorporated into the durable display panel, giving you long battery life and assurance that the system will stand up to anything you can throw at it. The Battery pack fits perfectly into a small pocket sowed into the bottom in the shirt. Comfortable and light weight makes it easy to walk around and dance with.

  • The battery pack can be unplugged for easy washing.
  • Requires 4 regular AAA Batteries.
  • 30-36 hours of Battery Life
  • 100% cotton
  • The t-shirt is hand wash only

    Please Note: This shirt runs slightly small. We advise all customers order one size larger to insure a proper fit. Also this product has a special 7 day return policy. Any panels that are received defective must be reported immediately and shipped back to us with in 7 days of receiving the product. No exchanges or refunds will be offered after this 7 day period. Shirts to be returned must be returned undamaged in the condition that they where received.