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Super Electric Flashing Bright Rave Sticks



Battery operated, Super bright electric glowstick. Made of a virtually unbreakable plastic, this is no ordinary glowstick. Bladelight, the electric glowstick lights up like the traditional stix; light up, with the press of a button you can make it light up, strobe or even fast blink, something tradition glow stick could never do. Bladelights are personal LED Light-Sticks that create striking visual effects at clubs, parties, dances, raves or anywhere people gather to have fun at night. When dancers put Bladelights into motion, the fascination multiplies.

Bladelight emits a bright light from the full length of the housing. A small battery (included) powers the LED's to a brilliant shine that creates laser-like effects in the dark. Each Bladelight is equipped with a 4-stage switch that allows the light to be set in three different modes or turned off. The first mode is "steady on", the second mode is "blink", and the third is "strobe". These stix are availible in solid color lights or unique tri-color led, in your choice of colors!