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Super Strong Crush Proof Cigarette Case (For Regulars & 100's)



These rough, tough cigarette cases encapsulate your pack of cigarettes shielding them from damage and the elements. If you are tired of reaching in to your pocket and finding your cigarette box flattened then this case is a must have! Simply Insert your entire pack of cigarettes (king size or 100's will work) and they are protected from being crushed. These cases are so strong and durable you can step in the pack and be assured no damage has been done to you cigarettes or your pack. Though this case is not water proof the cases will protect your cigarettes from being drenched in heavy rain or similar water exposure. Each case is compact, light weight and made of high density plastic that bends rather then breaks making it a superior protective barrier when compared to cases made of metal or brittle plastic. Colors Ship Assorted.