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Super T-Spinner Club Toy

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CT# 01441
The Super-T Spinner is kinda a cross between all the spinner varieties that come before it, with its own unique "spin". This Spinner uses a straw-like hollow tube through which LEDs shoot extremely colorful patterns. As the spinning tube twirls like a helicopter, the LEDs cycle through many different hypnotic and mesmerizing multi-color effects that might just be the best of any spinners we've seen thus far. Sending the LED lights through this tube makes the effect softer and blurrier in a very different and cool way that resembles a tie-dye pattern (don't worry, it is still very bright!). The circles created by the spinner are an impressively wide 1 foot (12") diameter. The spinner wand is about 5" tall. Uses 3 replaceable AAA batteries (included). Features both a silent mode and a fun musical mode that plays a cute technopop tune through the built-in speaker while the spinner is twirling. The plastic body of the spinner comes in assorted solid color combinations.

Please note that while the unique tube technology creates an amazing club toy, this item should be handled with care as the hollow tubes are unprotected and can break off if handled roughly. Do not allow the spinning tubes to come in contact with surfaces. Not returnable due to damage to tubes. Not recommended for young children due to the unprotected spinning tube.