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Switch Flame Butane Torch Pipe Lighter


#19 Z#99-47

The Switch Flame Butane torch lighter features the unique ability to switch flame types from a powerful torch flame to a standard gas flame in mid light! Just slide the flame selector and the power of flame control is in your hands. Push button electronic ignition make lighting this lighter easy in all weather conditions. The 90° Angle of the lighter offers superior controllability when lighting pipes, cigars and when working in close quarters. The 90° angle also helps keep the flame away from your hand so you don't have to fear the burn! This lighter is butane refillable and features easy to use dial style flame adjustment that allows you to control the flames intensity with a simple turn! Buy it, wrap it, and give it!

The Switch Light Torch Lighter Features:
  • Durable, Butane Refillable Design
  • 90° Angle Torch Flame Perfect for Pipes
  • Wind Proof Electronic Ignition
  • Flame Adjustment Dial Controls Intensity
  • Change Flame from Torch to Standard On The Fly!
  • Rubber Pyramid "No Slip" Hand Grip