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Tekno Bubbles 1/2 Gallon :: UV Reactive Bubbles Refill (Perfect for Bubble Machines!)

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Tekno 1/2 gal
Tekno Bubbles are the coolest favor we have ever seen. You can not believe these things until you actually see them, it's like they produce their own light (under a black light)! Forget regualr bubble at your next party.. It all About Tekno Bubbles! Amazing Tekno Bubbles, These bubble glow under a UV light! Watch as you blow huge bubbles that glow a wild shade of blue, that ignites into a light producing bubble! This stuff literally makes invisible light visible for every one to see, its almost like they produce their own light. Tekno Bubbles have been in use for years in commercial applications at nightclubs, amusement parks, etc., but the product has always only come in large industrial-size jugs. Finally, Tekno Bubbles are now available in small 1 oz. bottles for personal use!

The key to Tekno Bubbles' fluorescence is harnessing the energy of black light - turning invisible light into light we can see. The patented Tekno Bubbles contain special patented compounds with molecules that emit visible light after absorbing light from an invisible ultraviolet source. When the ultraviolet photons enter fluorescent molecules, some of the light's energy causes the molecules to vibrate. When the light re-emerges, it has less energy and is now within the spectrum of visible light, which in turn causes the Tekno Bubbles to appear to glow crazy wild! THIS HALF GALLON SIZE IS PERFECT FOR PARTYS, REFILLING YOUR SMALLER 1.oz TECKNO BUBBLE WITH INTEGRATED BUBBLE BLOWER OR EVEN USE IN ANY BUBBLE MACHINE. US THEM IN A BUBBLE MACHINE TO PRODUCE A MASSIVE CLUB AND PARTY EFFECT THAT IS UNLIKE ANY THING YOU EVER EVER SEEN!