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TekNo Saber LED Lightning Rave Tube



TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube. This is it. The most intense club toy of the new millennium. Iy may not appear to be much with the lights on but prepared to be amazed in the Dark. The TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube club toy is not only raver approved, it is the only party toy that easily produces dance floor craze and is guaranteed to make every one who sees it do a double take. The LED lights strobe so fast it make it look like slow motion as this TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube streams gracefully threw the air. Perfect effect to add to your routine or awesome for some free style dance moves that will have every one talking. The TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube features 6 awesome multi colored strobe and phase functions that add a different style to each mode. Each TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube is made with 16" of super soft white foam, and feature several super bright leds on the inside of the tube making the tube glow bright with ambient light. The most amazing function of the TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube is the first setting that we call the 3D light show setting: 3 multi colored LED lights strobe so fast they seem to defy time and gravity and make the wand appear to be moving in slow motion, one step behind where you are waving it and in separated colors. This mode is a unique feature that is truly spectacular. Other modes included 1,000,000 color phaser and multi strobe to add variation to your routine. Though this set only comes with one TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube, it is best with one in each hand, so order two if you can. You can swing, bend, spin and toss TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube in the air and not worry about damaging it or any thing else since it is made of virtually weightless foam. You can even taunt and smack people around with them if you want! Any way you use them TekNo Saber LED Lightning Tube is a very fun, Rave Approved toy that in unlike any other club toy you have ever seen.