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Tekno Twirl Spinning Led Raver Toy



You have never laid your hands on a club toy like this, so put down those old glow sticks and pick up the next generation of hand held light shows. Blow your audiences mind with this wild NEW raver toy. We have all seen spinning led rave toys before, but this isnt your grandma's spaz toy, this is an all new type of led pattern phasing that feature two spin heads instead of one for a much more intense show. This item takes no real talent to look cool in the dark, but you can certainly pull off some incredible advanced tricks with some practice. Bring your rave routine to the next level and leave the crowd in awe. truly incredible! Just check out our video bellow and you will understand! This club toy features 32 incredible effects that phase from pattern to pattern, reflective chrome finish and two center leds for added effect.