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Temporary Spray In Hair Color (Pink)


F# 51624-1

Unleash your wild side and change it every day! We all know that you love to color your hair, but it's too permanent. Even the so called "temporary" Dyes last for weeks and leave you with an unwanted colored tint. This spray in hair color safely and easily applies to your hair evenly and produces awesome results with out the permanent staining. Whether you want to color all your hair or just add cool colored high lights this awesome spray in hair color has you covered. The aerosol spray can has a performance nozzle. Hold it close to your hair and apply for color streaks, use as many colors as you want! For a solid color in all your hair hold spray can far and mist. For best results you can also apply a generous even amount to towel dry hair and comb in for that permanent like look! Easily washes out in one wash and dries natural, not stiff so your hair looks great and you can still style it how ever you like. This spray also is perfect for skin, adding glitter or color accents to your body with out staining your clothes. Amazing!