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The Classic Traxedo- Tracksuit Tuxedo



The Traxedo Classic, our most popular piece, has a simple yet sophisticated look. Throw on one of these bad boys and prepare for becoming an instant conversation piece. Kickin’ it old school takes on a whole new meaning when you rock this suit at any event. Whether you’re headed out with the boys for a night of drinking, headed to play golf with your boss, or attending the next company black tie event, you really can’t go wrong with a Traxedo. It’s a one stop go-to outfit for all occasions!

The following gives a rough indication of the size you should aim for.

Size Guide
Weight Recommend Size
Under 140 pounds (10 stone) Small
Under 168 pounds (12 stone) Medium
Under 196 pounds (14 stone) Large
Under 210 pounds (15 stone) Extra Large
Under 245 pounds (17.5 stone) 2X Large

Size Chart (inches)
Size Chest Length Sleeve Waist Inside Leg
Small 42" 28" 25" 30-40" 32"
Medium 44" 29.5" 25.5" 34-44" 33"
Large 46" 30.5" 26" 36-46" 34"
XL 48" 32" 26.5" 38-48" 35.5"
2XL 50" 33" 27" 40 – 50" 36.5"
So what exactly is a Traxedo?

For those of you who don’t know – the Traxedo is a cross between a tuxedo and a tracksuit! It’s available in all the colours of the rainbow (nearly) as well as styles that include Tweed, an Uncle Sam and leopard print. The Traxedo is worn by seekers of style, comfort and originality.
The Tracksuit has evolved.

Who would wear a Traxedo?

It seems that the Traxedo is popular with everyone! They’ve been worn for everything from weddings to festivals, Christmas parties to stag do’s. Weather you’re an individual or a group you can be sure you’ll be noticed in a Traxedo! You’ll also be really comfortable.

What do I get when I purchase a Traxedo?

Firstly you’ll get load of new friends ’cause everyone wants to be your mate when you wear a Traxedo!

You also get 2 individual items – A top and bottos. The top is a one-piece zip up style jacket – think of a tracksuit top. The bow-tie is attached at the collar. The bottoms have 2 pockets (so you can keep all your stuff safe) with a tuxedo line running along the outside leg. See individual product to get detailed photos!