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The Hammer Flask Amazing All in One Hammer, Bottle Opener, Ice Crusher & Flask



The Hammer Flask. The Amazing All in One Hammer, Bottle Opener, Ice Crusher & Flask. This unique multi-purpose bar tool is also a functional hammer and flask safe! The Hammer Flask is the one and only flask you can carry and no one would ever think twice that you where concealing 5 oz. of your favorite cocktail in the handle of your hammer! Bring it to work (if you are in construction) and have yourself a lunch time beverage. If you are not in construction, or don't require a hammer to do your job, don't bring the flask hammer to work or you may look like an idiot. Great for do it yourselfers! Do your handy work around the house with out the wife complaining about your excessive alcohol consumption. The Flask hammer looks like a real hammer because it is a real hammer. The "Claw End" of the hammer features a revolutionary bottle opener and "handy" sized stainless steel hammer head. Use the hammer as an ice crusher to make your beverages perfect, just the way you like it. The rubber handle insure maximum grip when performing multiple wet handed bottle openings. Use the included funnel so you can fill your new Hammer Flask all the way to the top without spilling a drop of hooch! You can also use the hammer flask as a hammer (duh, it's a hammer!) but we advise it be used only for light duty jobs such as hanging pictures on a wall or securing small nails. Since the Hammer flask uses a hollow handle so it can hold booze.

Work or get hammered? Now you can do both at the same time (just kidding). The stainless steel hammer holds a ew ounces of your favourite beverage in a rust proof container inside the handle of the hammer flask. Makes a great gift and a must for every would-be-DIY’er!

Use the handy funnel to ensure that you do not spill a drop of your favourite tipple!

Ice Crusher:
The hammer head also functions as a nifty ice crusher.

Bottle opener:
Drinking beer while on the worksite is not recommended, but if you’re ever doing some DIY and fancy a cold one assured you wont be left out. Flip over the hammer and the other end has been converted into a bottle opener.

Stainless steel head:
As long as you are not drinking at the time, you can hammer a nail! The hammer is not meant for “real” DIY work, but it is certainly good enough to hang a picture on the wall!

Rubber handle:
Prevents losing your grip after popping a few dozen bottles of beer!