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Time Delayed Electronic Fart Machine


NAL# 15762

The Time Delayed Fart Machine has 5 Different Fart Sounds. Choose different delay times. The Time Delayed Whoopee Cushion is a state of the art, high tech replacement for the now obsolete inflatable rubber Whoopee Cushion. Armed with this device, you can embarrass the victim of your choice whenever the mood strikes you. Use it anywhere ... at parties, office, school, corporate meetings, movies, restaurants, library, elevators, home, hotel lobbies, in a baby's diaper, in the Thanksgiving Turkey - or any other place you may have the nerve to use it! Operates on 3-AAA batteries (included)

Click to Sample Sounds ONE / href="/lib/villagestreetwear/Fart2.wav">TWO / href="/lib/villagestreetwear/Fart3.wav">THREE / FOUR