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Tree Of Life Wall Tapestry & Bedspread


#42 CT22S emerald

Divine and sacred to all ancient cultures the tree is the link between upper and lower worlds. The roots of the tree are deep below the earth and their trunk soar skywards their topmost branches seeming to brush against the heavens itself. With their roots deep underground drawing up into itself the earths nourishment, trees are the symbol to the earths abundance.

Made of 100% Soft Cotton these Wall hanging tapestries measure a massive 5 feet by 7 1/2 feet! long and can be used as a bed sheet, tablecloth or usually as an awesome wall hanging. Some people hang it in a corner over their bed and some hang them over windows to use as curtains. You can also use them as a door instead of beaded curtains! Be original and do something fun with your new Giant wall tapestry. Use these tapestries to transform any dull space into a fun colorful space.