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Tribal Gear Killafornia Breakdancing DVD


Tribal DVD

This DVD contains raw footage of the 10 B-Boys representing Killafornia at freestyle session 8 in Long Beach, CA 2004. You will witness some of the illest solos of each member getting down. Lil Rock, Moskito, Ruen, Crumbs, Lil Bob, Rainen, Franky Flav, Nabil, and Anthrax. Also an interview with Killafornia as they drop bombs about this B-Boy game. Killafornia battle highlights at Freestyle Session 8 featuring Massive Monkeys, Headhunter Renagades, Flexableflave-Rock Force and the battle with Killafornia VS Massive Monkeys… Freestyle 8 champions Killafornia.