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Turtle Adujstable Mood Ring



This adjustable band mood ring fits everyone; kids, teens and adults.Mood rings have captivated generation with their seemingly amazing ability to determine a persons mood at any given time! These rings are just as amazing, memorizing and stylish as they were when they were first made popular with the baby boomer hippie generation of the 1960's. Each ring features a stylish silver band which is adjustable to fit all people; kids and adults! watch as your ring changes color; morphing from one color form to another as your mood change! Each ring comes complete with a color mood chart so you know how your emotions are holding up!

This turtle color changing mood ring is fantastically designed and crafted with the turtle shape. Color of this turtle will change with your mood and the temperature of your finger. A great piece of ornament and a mood indicator as well. Adjustable ring band, this ring fits fot many different sizes. Wearing this turtle color changing ring can bring you lots of charm and elegance, also a perfect gift to others!


  • A turtle shape color changing mood ring

  • Color will change with your mood and the temperature of your finger

  • Beautiful turtle shape, sure to enhance your charm

  • A beautiful oranment, also the mood indicator

  • Adjustable ring band, fits many sizes

  • Comes with a color and mood reference table in English, Spanish, France and Deutsch language

  • Material: Alloy

  • Ring inner diameter: Approx. 16.7mm(unstretched)

  • US size: 6 1/4

  • Turtle size(W x H): Approx. 1.5 x 2cm