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Tuxedo T-Shirts - Mens Special Occasion Tuxedo Shirt with Gold Tie


#13 Gold Tie-1

Mens Special Occasion Tuxedo Tee with Gold Tie. This brilliant tuxedo t-shirt features all the great looks and and lines as a classy Itlian suit except ptinted on a t-shirt! Claaaasssy! "I want to be formal, but I'm here to PARTY!" This amazing, surprisingly realistic, tuxedo t-shirt solves that age old dilemma once and for all. We have raised the bar once again and now offer this Classic Neck Tie addition to our best selling line of exclusive Tuxedo T-Shirts. This design features lines and lapels which make the "Jacket" portion appear to be fitted with pockets off to the side right where they should be. Beneath the "Jacket" lapels are a geometricstyle vest with 4 small buttons, a tuxedo pleaded collared shirt a Golden Power Tie neck tie. The Mens Duluxe Tuxedo T-Shirt With Gold Tie is printed on a deluxe 100% pre-shrunk cotton tee that is soft and breathable for all day comfort. All of our tuxedo t-shirts are the casual way to be formal and are great for weddings, proms, parties, concerts or anywhere you want to kick back, relax and look cool. This shirt has been printed using an exclusive printing process which adds a soft look and appearance to the ink on the shirt, making the design appear as if it is really fabric from a distance.

This Tuxedo T-Shirt Features:
  • Gold Power Tie with subtle texture with geometric pattern vest.
  • Authentic looking jacket lines
  • Real looking pockets, buttons, lapels and shading
  • Look Formal, Be Comfortable & Party Hardy!