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UFO Luxury Bath Wear Gift Set

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UFO Brings you this special Bathwear Gift Set that includes UFO's Exclusive line of Shower Gel, Bath Bubbles & Body Lotion. The scent is amazing and is perfect for both guys and girls! Soak in luxury, revitalize your senses and wash away the dirt from the day. Once you use UFO Bath products there is no going back! Start by running a warm bath. Add a touch of scented bath bubbles and relax away the aches and soften your skin. After your soak lather up with UFO Shower Gel and you will be clean as a whistle! Dry off and rub on some UFO Body lotion for a silky smooth finish. Toss on your UFO Pants and hit the streets, clean, refreshed and revitalized. Live another day and repeat. This gift set comes with all 3 UFO Care Products Produced bottled and Packaged Exclusively For UFO Contemporary. Each bottle contains 4 fl oz. of product!