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UV Ultraviolet Black Light Flash Light



This amazing UV Ultraviolet Black Light Flash Light uses U.V. LED technology for the brightest, most compact black light to date. This Black light flash light includes 3 super bright, projection style UV LED lights that are visible from miles away. This UV flash light gives you immense amounts of TRUE Ultraviolet light right in the palm of your hand. Project black light effects over 50 feet away! This UV Flash light has endless uses. How will you use it?! The flash light measures 7 1/2" x 1" and includes a clip that you can attach to anything from your belt loop to a back pack and three AA Batteries ara also included.

Use this UV Light for..
  • Counterfeit Money Detection
  • As a Club Toy
  • Illuminate Glow in the Dark or Black Light Responsive objects
  • Detect Invisible Bodily Fluids
  • Scorpion Hunting
  • Show off UV Reactive Tattoos
  • Illuminate neon or florescent colors
  • Detect dirt, dust & lint invisible in the light
  • Makes UV invisible hand stamps glow