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Viking Adjustable Size Bike & Skateboard Helmet (Olive Drab)

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Viking Adjustable Size Bike & Skateboard Helmet (Olive Drab). Viking Helmets are the premium choice in performance skate helmets. Each Viking Helmet is CPSC certified, so Viking helmets will take the beating, not you!. Styled in awesome military olive drab matte finish this helmet is pretty sweet looking so you are sure to look cool when hitting the pipe, skate park or daily grinds of life.
The Viking skateboarding helmet is One Size Fits All, which should work for most people. For a good quality, well priced skateboarding helmet, take a look at Viking.

"Helmet Required"- With more and more skate parks requiring helmets, and some cities even having helmet laws for skateboarders, making sure you own a helmet is getting pretty important. Stay protected and look cool. With Viking helmets you can have the confidence that you are wearing a grade A safety helmet so you can try new and exciting stunts you would never attempt with out a helmet. Each Viking helmet is fully adjustable, featuring perfect fit comfort chinstrap and additional inner padding to protect rider of all ages and sizes.