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Wacky Hair Visor With Hair (3 Hair Colors)



Wacky Hair Visor With Built In Hair is the visor hat that features a built in head of hair. Hey, we all have bad hair days; Some of us have No Hair Days. This hat fixes all of that and it looks real! As real as the hair looks the Wacky Visor is all for fun! Nobody would ever suspect the crazy, spiky hair on your head is not your own! Each visor ships complete with 3 hair replacements so you can change your color and style any time! Comes complete with Salt-n-pepper, Bleach blonde & Grey with brown! Each Wacky visor is one size fits all adjustable and is perfect for men, women & children of all ages! With this order you will receive 1 BLACK Wacky hair visor and 3 different hair tops!


Manufactured by: Bewild