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Wearable LED Light Wire - Light Up Your Dance!

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Wearable LED Light Wire - Light Up Your Dance!

Our Wearable LED Light Wire includes over 10 feet of battery operated, portable colored lights that you can clip right to your clothing! Attach this light wire to any outfit and get your dance on for an incredible light show that is all you. Watch as the light streaks threw the air as you move and dance the night away. Each wire is over 10 feet long and includes 20 super bright led lights in your choice of color. Each section also includes removable clips so you can easily attach the wire to most surfaces, including clothing. A single compact control box requires 3 AA batteries (Not Included) for up to 17 hours of battery life during straight use or up to 16 days timed cycling. A single on/off switch turns the lights to steady on mode. Bend, twirl and spin this Wearable LED Light Wire to use it as a wild rave toy. Accent your clothing, tents, trees, bushes, beach umbrellas, beach blankets, hats and costumes with amazing portable light. All PHOTO images shown above are actual, and may depict more then one unit at a time for optimal effect. When left on continuously the lights will shut off automatically after 8 hours and then turn back on automatically after 16 hours. Perfect as a daily decoration or accent that goes on and off at the same time everyday! Each unit ships individually in your choice of color.

Our Wearable LED Light Wire Features:
  • 10 foot wire with over 20 super bright LED Lights
  • Steady on light mode only
  • Compact control box, one touch operation requires 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • 128+ Hours (16 Days) battery life, w/ changeable batteries w/ timed cycle
  • 5 Removable clips allows you to clip this wire to clothing