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Wholesale Designer Rubber Saying Bracelets (12 pack) Only $2 each!


BeWild 12 pack-1

Our best selling Designer Rubber Saying Bracelets are now availble at wholesale prices to the public! Take advantage of this HOT trend and sell these bracelets in your store for a fraction of the price of the compitetion. We are offering you these bracelts for $2 each when you buy by the dozen... That's over 60% off our already rock bottom reatail price! Choose to buy our saying bracelets in an assortment or your choice of saying. We will send you 12 of our best selling bracelets per order. These bracelets are a just have for store counter tops, gas stations, pary giveaways, goody bags or use them as bar wrist bands! These bracelets are the hottest fad going right now and they are still unavailble in many parts of the country, be the first in your area to capitolize on this crazy trend! If you choose to get an assorted 12 pack you will receive a random assorment of the bands listed in the above option and they are our nest selling styles! These bracelets are unisex, one size fits all and are great for everyone.. Kids love to collect them and adults love to wear them as a wild fashion stament.