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Will You Marry Me Scratch Off Ticket

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Are you in love but are afraid to pop the question? Here's a great fun solution the will have your significant other lost for words. Simply give her the lotto ticket, when she scratches she will reveal the secret message, Will You Marry Me? She will defiantly feel like a winner and hopefully you will be a winner too! Don't put off the big day any longer, order your "Dream Come True"
lotto proposal ticket today and we will rush it right to your door! Time is of the essence.

Here is an ACTUAL engagement proposal story From one of our customers!

My Boyfriend called me on a Thursday while I was at work saying his friends had extra club level seat tickets to the Yankees game Friday night and asked if we could go. I said of course! (bc i love the Yanks!) We ended up getting to the game at the beginning of the 2nd inning. When the 7th inning stretch happened, one of my soon to be fiance's friends started handing out lottery scratch off tickets, most of which were baseball themed. I ended up with two tickets. I scratched off the first one, but I didn't win anything. Little did I realize that everyone was watching me the entire time. As I was scratching, I noticed some dark markings across the ticket. I scratched about half the ticket and that's when I suddenly read right on the ticket, "Will You Marry Me?". As my jaw dropped, my new fiance got down on one knee and held out the ring. I was so overwhelmed that I started sobbing with joy. Finally, I realized that I had forgotten to say yes. I nodded my head since I was so choked up and he stood up and gave me the biggest hug!! It was the best moment of my life, and i felt as if i had actually won the lotto. That ticket was a winner, and i definitely HIT THE JACKPOT!