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Write On Tee - The T-Shirt YOU Write On & Wash Clean

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#17 C#68-416-19 Red
Did you ever want to make a t-shirt with you very own saying on it for everybody to see? What if you could write whatever you wanted right on your t-shirt, wash your shirt and start all over again? It's Here! The "Write On" Tee is the only t-shirt in the world that you design, doodle and write on the toss it the wash and do it all again. You can write on your shirt based on your mood so one day your shirt may say something witty and funny the next day it can be rude or offensive; it's up to you... The Pen is in your hand! The secret in this shirt lies in both the design printed on the tee and the special pen provided with the shirt. This combination allows you to write anything and it wont smudge or rub off all day long. Throw the shirt in the wash and when it comes out it will be good as new, ready to write on once again. The special marker will not harm any other clothes in the wash, so don't stress it just wash it like normal. The sky is the limit, let your imagination run wild. From cool pictures and drawing to nasty XXX Rated sayings if you can do it with a marker you can do it on this shirt. The Write On Tee Includes 1 Easy Clean Marker in black and features a 15" x 9" Blank Doodle Surface in a comic book style Text Bubble!

The Write On Tee Features:
  • 100% Soft Cotton Construction
  • Large 15" x 9" writing area in Comic Book Style Bubble
  • Includes 1 Write On Tees Marker
  • Marker writing comes off clean in the wash
  • Will not harm other clothing in the wash
  • Write on it time and time again
  • Drawn on designs last until you wash it!