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Xzavier Da Grind "Slash" T-Shirt (Black/Charcoal)


#7 #SL151B Black-

Xzavier Da Grind "Slash" T-Shirt (Black/Charcoal). Xzavier DA GRIND is a clothing company about just that: grinding. Only in business since 2006, they already produce more than 50 hip-hop and hardcore inspired designs. We've hand-picked some of their best clothing and we're proud to bring you the best of DA GRIND.

This dark t-shirt features a premium black and charcoal specialty dye shirt, with the "Slash" skull that resembles the likeness of Slash from Guns n' Roses. The back of the shirt features a larger version of the front print and features Da Grind insignia with golden foil border. Enjoy the war torn Xzavier style is you dare.