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You Big Dummy T-Shirt :: Sanford & Son Fred Sanford Tee


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You Big Dummy T-Shirt :: Sanford & Son Fred Sanford Tee. Sanford & son is one of the best known sitcoms of all time, and for good reason! Fred Sanford was well know for all this grumpy comments threw out the years of the show. One of the most memorable is right here on this shirt and it says "You Big Dummy!" Sanford is a sarcastic, stubborn, and argumentative antiques and junk dealer, whose frequent money-making schemes routinely backfired and created more troubles. Lamont dearly would have liked to enjoy independence but loved his father too much to leave him to his devices and schemes. Although each owned an equal share in the business and technically Fred was the boss, Lamont often found himself doing all the work and having to order his father to complete tasks and duties.