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Motrin Ibuprofen Tablets Diversion Safe



Keep you valuables hidden in plain sight. Where does a wise man hide a pebble? On a beach. This diversion safe is the same concept. Nobody would ever suspect your Bottle of Motrin in your medicine chest actually conceals and protects your most valuable possessions. This can safe is unique in the fact that you can fill the top portion with actual pills making this safe look and function just like the real thing. But this pill bottle has a secret.. It's secret is the hidden compartment in the bottom which can be unscrewed to effectively hide money, jewelry and even Rx Drugs. This Diversion safe is made of authentic brand name product containers so the are indistinguishable from the actual product it is immolating. A thief would never think to steal your bottle of Motrin, and in turn they will never steal your valuables.