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The customer service from their thank you e-mails, and fun and friendly website is extraordinary! This leaves me with no option but to spend more of my hard earned money with their outstanding establishment. Not only were their prices fantastic, but the selection of merchandise was exquisite! describes exceptional as, well above average.! In my eyes, is the defination of exceptional! -Poitier in AZ.
I have ordered from you once already. The product is great and your shipping time is amazing. I ordered something from another merchant at the same time I ordered from you (weeks ago) and am still waiting for my stuff! I will only order from you in the future.
Thanks for the great service!
WOW!!! This is already my third time ordering from I am so excited about this site. It deserves every online shopping award given! Super fast shipping, and excellent customer service; and I've never even talked to these people.

I LOVE this site and will continue to shop here. Bwild is my shopping home page. Thank you so much for making this site possible!
As a business owner I just want to congratulate you on your quick service and email coordination regarding my orders. I placed my second order with you and both times the order came the very next day. I'll be placing many more.

This has not only made me happy, but impressed me greatly with your company. You have a customer for life!
BeWild is my favorite online store. This was by far the most gratifying online shopping I've ever experienced. The customer service is wonderful, my products were shipped within days of placing my order.
The selection and unique products are outstanding. I will shout it from the rooftops...BeWild is the best store on the web!
I've placed a few orders at Bwild. Every time they exceed my expectations of shopping online. How often do you get hand written comments on your invoice where they're following up on a question you noted on your order? Not with any other online store!
I was very satisfied with my purchase & the large selection. I felt comfortable ordering from them & even received a few written comments. This made me feel like there was someone who actually cared enough to take the time to respond to my comments. It made me feel good about my purchase.
I am not a usual purchaser of items on the internet. My daughter wanted a particular type of pants that we couldn't find in any stores around where we live. We found them on your sight and ordered them. 2 days later they were on our doorstep. I am very pleased and will continue to shop
I couldn't believe the first time I ordered from this site, and the service was amazing. I have ordered several times after and every time is the service is just as fast. I order and within days the items are here. If I had a ordered an item and they ere out of stock, I got a phone call and the phone service was just as friendly and excellent.

I love this site, I order from here more then any other website online. I love the selection and the super fast shipping. It didnt get any easier and the site is secure too.

Thanks bewild.

I would like to extend my congratulations to your staff and your courier UPS. Wonderful service from start to finish. Having placed my order with you I could not believe how quick you shipped to England, and being able to track it was a bonus, and kept us updated all through the system. This is the first time I have purchased from you but it will not be the last, I will also promote you to all my friends, neighbours and family as I'm sure when all the kids see my grandaughter wearing her "Heelys" they will want them also.

To the best of my knowledge no one in this area sells "Heeleys"

Thank you again for your wonderful service

Yours sincerely

I placed my order one evening with normal delivery and before I knew my package arrived NEXT DAY! Without any additional charges. I was surprised and pleased.
The items -Shoes- were just what I was looking for and it was with ease avoiding the crazied shopping malls. Thanks, beWild, we (my family) will visit and shop once again.
This is one absolutely extraordinary merchant! Simply put, every single order that I have placed and that has been processed in such a lightning fast fashion has been truly a delight. The merchandise, selection, delivery, service, prices are first-rate. I have placed three orders with this merchant since I was so fortunate to log onto their website and they basically will have this dedicated customer for a long. long time. The merchandise/apparel is so wildly unique and ultra-cool.
You will have a very difficult time finding incredible items like this in any outlet, mall, store or from any other retailer., truly a legendary shopping experience. My highest recommendation (5 stars..cause they dont have 6 stars as a rating) goes to this supreme dedicated and passionate online retailer. Thanks so much for doing a terrific job on all of this customers orders.
Looking forward to placing my next order real soon!
Sincerely with the kindest regards...MC