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Premium Binocular Flask Gift Set



Tired of spending way too much money on cocktails when your at the ball game? When your out on the town drinks can get really pricey! The average mixed drink at a sporting event costs $12; You can make that same drink at home for less then $2. Don't get ripped off by the high cost of alcohol at concerts or sporting events any more! This double sided binocular flask has been specially designed to fly under the radar of stadium security so you can pour your own drinks once your in. This flask appears to be nothing more then a pair of binoculars when worn around your neck so nobody would ever suspect it is holding liquor! The Binocular flask in constructed of premium grade stainless steel for durability, cleanliness and beauty. This binocular flask is finished in brilliant polished chrome and is accented with black plastic trim so they really appear to be nothing more then a pair of stylish, high end binoculars. This gift set comes complete with everything you need including 1 chrome finished binocular flask; independently double sided so you can hold 6 oz (3 oz in each side) of 2 kinds of alcohol all in one great flask. The gift set also comes complete with a stainless steel funnel to fill the flask and a convenient neck strap so you can wear the flask just like a real pair of binoculars. This Gift set comes complete in a beautifully appointed gift box. Giving this flask as a gift is as easy as order, receive and wrap.