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My Bowling Excuses Adult Hoodie


#804-PSH BeWild#-1

You know the feeling... you step on to the approach with your perfectly polished ball. Align yourself up with the bowling pins at the other end. You swing your arm back as you take aim, inching toward that foul line in the alley. Just then, you realize, what if you don't hit a strike?? What if you wind up with a 7-10 split, or worse yet, a GUTTER BALL?!?!?! Should this happen, you DO NOT want to get caught without an excuse.

This amazing Bowling shirt is just what you need. 9 ready to go, completely beliveable excuses. We thought about putting a 10th excuse on here, one for every frame, but if you need all 9, you probably shouldn't be playing this game anyway.

Hey, you can always blame the last frame on the shirt!