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Genuine Leather Cash Clip Wallet

$4.99 $9.95


This combination pocket wallet and money clip conveniently holds all of your credit cards, driver's license and cash all in one comfortable, compact unit. Made of genuine leather this wallet features a stainless steel backbone to prevent it from bending, effectively protecting your cash and must have documents. The smooth side features a pocket perfect for holding credit cards, business cards and ID's while the reverse side features a stainless steel money clip that holds your cash in one secure yet easy to access location. The money clip can also be used as a belt clip to you can attach the wallet right to your belt for immediate access any time. This wallet is slim and much more comfortable to carry then traditional wallets and is great for use in you front or back pockets. You are sure to be impressed with this leather wallet's premium construction. A fantastic value at any price this wallet is a steal at only $4.99. Makes a great gift.