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Led Hula Hoop - Light Up Rave and Dance Hula Hoop with 36 Led Lights

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Led Hula Hoops are the New Craze on Dance floors and raves. An illuminating 28 inch twist on a time-honored twisting tradition. Pressing a button ignites a scintillating series of multi-color light patterns. Collapsable into three separate pieces for easy transport. This LED hula hoop can fit in a backpack and snaps together in less than 10 seconds. Includes 36 LEDs and several light pattern. Batteries ARE included.
  • Brand new Glowing Retro LED Hula Hoop
  • Great accessory for any Teen or Adults
  • includes 28 inch Glowing LED Hoola Hoop
  • On/off switch
  • 6 different flashing patterns
  • (3 AA batteries included)