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100's Sized Flip Top Cigarette Case With "OPEN TOP" (12 pack)



100's Sized Flip Top Cigarette Case (12 pack). Thats just over $2 per flip top case! This pack comes complete with 12 100's Sized Flip Top Cigarette Cases shipped in assorted colors in a sealed counter top display. These premium quality hard pack cigarette cases are perfect for any pack of 100's size cigarettes. To use the case simply slide an open pack of cigarettes in to the case. Your cigarettes pick be protected from being crushed. This pack also keeps your cigarettes fresher for longer. No more crushed packs! The 100's Size Hard Pack Cigarette Case also adds a stylish accent to your boring cigarette pack. Touch to open! Getting your cigarettes out of this pack is easy, just touch the latch and it pops open, and best of all it stays closed until you open it. The top of the pack is open so you can see what pack is in there, this is a very unique, one of a kind feature! Makes a great gift.