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25 Cent Mustache Rides T-Shirt


#1274 Bwild-1

Mustache rides for a quarter! What a deal. Grind all you want on my stubbly whiskers for a mere quarter, guaranteed to make you quiver with satisfaction! This shirt is an open invitation adventure!

Filthy Rags is a collection of T-shirts celebrating the Trucker's, Trailer Parks, Farms and Campgrounds that were landmarks on the great highways of old time U.S.A.. Together with witty and nostalgic quotes you will feel Filthy Rag T-Shirts are "right off the old block".Filthy Rag Clothing features some of the coolest designs in party wear! Printed on super soft vintage cotton-poly tees, you can look trendy and get you message across. With Filthy Rags you will find a tee perfect to suite what you crave. If what you crave is hip prints on the best quality tees for a great price, you will be nothing less then satisfied.