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Aerospace Titanium Weightless Cigarette Case (For Regulars or 100 Size)



Enter the new generation of cigarette cases with this virtually weightless automatic cigarette case. This amazing case is far more compact then its predecessors, is very modern and stylish and weighs about 1/4 of an oz. This remarkable case will transform the way you handle your pack of cigarettes for now on. This automatic flip top cigarette case is made of grade 5 aerospace titanium alloy that has the strength of aluminum bust remain ridged when formed giving quite literally the most high tech case on the market today. This sleek cigarette case has a slim profile so it stay "stealth" in your pocket, preventing "pocket bulge" and keeping all of your cigarettes uncrushed and intact ready to smoke. With a push of a button the top pop open revealing your cigarettes, in perfect condition every time no matter what kind of abuse you may throw at the pack. This pack clips tight to close and easily opens. Why be weighed down by traditional cases that are bulky, heavy that make you feel like you are carrying around a pocket full of change. This is the practical cigarette case of the future. You will not even feel it in your pocket. The most amazing feature of this cigarette case is how it can hold up to 10 of you favorite king or 100 sized cigarettes. That's a whole half pack of smokes at your disposal unlike most cases that hold half as many and are double the size. That just not make sense! This is your solution to your everyday cigarette mishaps. The future of the way we all carry cigarettes is finally here, so join the space age cigarette case revolution! Colors may ship assorted if color preference chosen is not availible without customer notification.