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Art Deco Cigarette Case with Built in Clock (For Regular Size Only)



Art Deco Cigarette Case with Roman Numeral Timepiece. This astonishing cigarette case is crafted of the finest brushed metal and is finished in bright chrome. A stylish, premium quality roman numeral clock is set in the front as it sits in a high polished chrome bezel that is nothing short of stunning. The clock time piece is removable, easy to set and keeps time accurate to the second with quartz clock accuracy. The clock even comes with a spare battery! The cigarette case holds up to 9 of your favorite king sized cigarettes and keeps them protected and in place with a classy spring loaded arm that keeps your cigarettes from moving when you do. This case goes beyond the use of cigarettes, as it is also perfect as a hard pack wallet. Keep your credit cards, business cards, Identification and cash all in one convenient SAFE location. This case has a push button release that keeps the case locked closed until you want it opened. This Cigarette case makes a great gift for the sophisticated person in your life. Case measures aprox 3" x 3 1/2".