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Beer Pong Shirts - Beer Pong Champion T-Shirt


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Beer Pong Shirts - Beer Pong Champion T-Shirt. You sink it and they drink it. You are the king. The Best of The Best. A one shot wonder from first cup to the very last. If others are playing you are the "Celebrity Shot" they entrust. You are the Beer Pong Champion! This shirt is your official gear for beer pong, let it be known... this game will not go cup for cup, hit two and bring that ball back! The largest selection of funny and offensive novelty t-shirts are here! Our novelty t-shirts are funny and to the point and designed to look great and get the point across. Wear our selection of humorous joke shirts to a house party, school, the club or even just around the house. Each design has been hand selected by our team of humorist so you are sure to get all the laughs at your next event! Each design is printed on a comfy deluxe 100% cotton t-shirt in your choice of color.