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Chrome Studded Leather Wrap Hip Flask


#3 JP#19-060

Chrome Studded Leather Wrap Hip Flask. This stainless steel pocket flask is professionally wrapped in black faux leather and features dozens of polished chrome dome head studs for a real tough look. This flask will hole up to 6 fl oz. of your favorite adult beverage, that's 4 big shots ready to mix or drink straight! The comfortable contour makes this flask comfortable while in your pocket and fits flush to your thigh for low profile appearance even when you are seated. A Leak proof screw on cap keeps your contents from spilling and it is attached to the flask so it's not going any where! Why pay high liquor prices at your favorite restaurants and events? A cocktail at a club or ball game can go for more then $10! Make the same cocktail yourself for a fraction of the price, the flask will pay for itself by the first use!