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Cigar Holder & Alcohol Flask


#36 EW#9995c

Cigar Holder & Flask. This is the gentleman's solution to happy hour on the go. There are plenty of people out there who's definition of a good time is smooth cigar and a cool drink on the rocks. This stylish Executive style cigar holder includes a 4 oz. flask that is perfect for holding your favorite beverage. This Cigar Holder & Flask is the perfect device for nights out on the town, friend's dinner parties, card games and weddings. You will have all your goodies all in one impressive stainless steel case. The Cigar Holder & Flask keeps your cigar protected and holds two servings of the alcohol of your choice. Convenient screw on cap keeps the flask from leaking. The cigar storage area will hold any cigar up to 7" in length and up to 3/4" in width.