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Copy of Ooops!!! My Wang Fell Out Mens Penis T-Shirt


#309 BeWild-1

Penis Shirt Wang Out Penis T-Shirt, Wardrobe Malfunction T-Shirt. "My wife used to make me go to the supermarket with her, Then I began wearing my favorite (this) shirt..... She doesn't want me to go shopping with her anymore." This shirt will change your life! A huge authentic looking, fleshy, meaty, veiny penis is printed on the bottom of this shirt so when you tuck the shirt in it appears to be popping out of your pants. from a distance this shirt makes it look like your penis is actually coming out of your pants, upon closer inspection people will do a double take. Where ever you go people are sure to notice this novel shirt, their reactions to this shirt how ever is what it's all about. We can't even begin to guess how people will react to this shirt, especially in crowded public places like trains, buses, subways, elevators etc...