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Funny & Hillarious Tees - The Ass Family T-Shirt


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The world's most populated Family is now represented on an awesome novelty t-shirt! It seems like every one in the world knows at least one member of this family, i happen to know one of each! This "Ass Family" T-Shirt runs the gammet; meet the father - Wise Ass, hes always got an answer. His wife smart ass mouths off every chance she gets. Their oldest son Lazy ass is a real good for nothing asshole. Lazy ass's little sister Kiss Ass is everyone's favorite. She knows how to brown nose better then a second rate employee looking for a promotion! Then there is the youngest, black sheep of the family, Dumb Ass. He's kind of self explanatory, but he doesn't get it, you better explain it to him again.... and again.. forget it. I Give up! Dumbass. Which is exactly what you are if you dont order this shirt now!