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Gentleman's Triple Torch Cigar Lighter With Retractable Hole Punch

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#110 Z#99-84
This high quality, super premium cigar lighter is the only choice for the advanced Cigar Smoker. The Gentleman's Triple Torch Cigar Lighter features electronic ignition, Triple Torch Adjustable Flame & a stainless steel retractable hole punch that is perfect for all cigars. This all in one unit is all a cigar smoker needs to get going. Style, Function and reliability make this our best cigar lighter to date and we think you will agree. Ships in assorted colors.

The Gentleman's Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Features:
  • Stylish Design
  • Wind Resistant Electronic Ignition
  • Adjustable Triple Torch Flame is powerful and features a dial adjustment for fine tuning.
  • Flip Top to protect the ignition and element
  • Butane gas refillable
  • Retractable Stainless Steel Cigar Punch
  • Cigar punches create a perfect hole for an enhanced smoking experience.
  • Ships in assorted colors.