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Glasses, Mustache, and Bow Tie Girl's T-Shirt


#1606 X#12183-1

Glasses, Mustache, and Bow Tie Junior Fitted shirts are a S-32" at bust and 29" at waist, M-34" at bust and 30" at waist , L36" at
bust and 34" at waist, XL-38" at bust and 35" at waist.

Women's Full cut shirts are a box cut style with bust measurement and waist measurement the same.
S-36" at bust and 36" at waist, M-40" at bust and 40" at waist , L44" at bust and 44" at waist,
XL-48" at bust and 48" at waist.

Sizes are actual measurements in inches at the bust line from seam to seam
S-36", M-40", L42", XL-46 and Great for:
  • Fitness workout
  • Shirts are pre-shrunk, expect little to no shrinkage
  • High quality 100% cotton tee shirt for lasting use and enjoyment.
  • Feminine styling
  • Choose your color (see drop down bar)
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    hot fitness women
  • Manufactured by:Bewild T Shirt Apparel.