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Halloween Costume T-Shirt - Ask Me About My Zombie Shirt Youth T-Shirt


#55 Deez-1

My Zombie Shirt T-Shirt. As it would appear at first glance you are not wearing a Halloween costume, you are just a kid on halloween with no costume wearing a regular t-shirt. Then some wise guy asks you, "hey dude, wheres your costume? It's Halloween. do you have no spirit?" Then you suddenly pull your shirt over your head and BAM! Your a super scary zombie! This shirt has "Ask me about my Zombie Shirt" printed on the front to spark the question, once someone asks you about your "Zombie Shirt" you spring in to action; with your super fast reflexes to instantly transform your self in to an actual, brain eating zombie. This may be the neatest costume ever, nobody will ever suspect you have a convincing zombie mask printed on the inside of your tee shirt! The mask looks legit and your costume will kick ass and defiantly spark some conversation!