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How To Kill A Zombie T-Shirt


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How To Kill A Zombie T-Shirt. The Zombies are coming! Here's how to kill a zombie in the form of a sweet graphic tee.
Step 1: Choose your weapon- A baseball bat, old weathered shot gun, hooked up assault rifle or a bar stool will be necessary to fight off the hoard, if you can't find one of these items improvise or be infected.
Step 2: Aim for the head- Zombies tend to fight until the end. Blow off their leg and the may crawl to finish you off. Head shots.
Step 3: Don't Miss: Zombies can come at you with great speeds and they do not feel pain the first strike must be the end all. If you miss, RUN, if you can....

This shirt is perfect for Halloween gurus and zombie slayers alike! This awesome design is printed on a deluxe 100% cotton tee in your choice of color.