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Leather Deluxe Cigarette and Lighter Case Belt Pouch (For Regular Size Only)


#54 S#6761

Tired of carrying your cigarettes in your pocket? When you place a pack of cigarettes in your pocket they tend to get crushed. They bulk of the pack in your pocket leads to discomfort and restricted mobility. Don't you wish their was an everyday alternative to eliminate all that hassle of destroyed cigarettes? Here it is, a unique new age belt case that is stylish enough to wear every day. This dual compartment leather cigarette holder is convenient, looks great and will not get in they way of your daily life. Hold your cigarettes and your lighter all in one great looking pouch, and have it by your side where ever when ever. This semi ridged pouch protects your cigarettes and keeps them in place until you are ready to enjoy them. This cigarette pouch holds the full pack of your cigarettes and easily slips on to your belt, keeping them out of the way and all in one spot. This attractive leather belt case is not your grandmothers cigarette case. It's streamline sleek design and high quality full grain leather construction makes this cigarette case durable and fashionable. Great for construction workers and those who must be mobile threw out the day. This case keeps you cigarettes safe. a button on each compartment keeps the case shut until you are ready to revel your smokes and lighter meaning no more lost packs or lighters, they will always be there ready for you to smoke. This cigarette case utilizes the perfect blend of materials and craftsmanship to maximize durability, maneuverability, convenience all in a light weight package you will not even know is there.