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Live to Ride Ride to Live Genuine Leather Chain Wallet



Live to Ride Ride to Live Genuine Leather Chain Wallet. Our Genuine Leather Chain Wallets Are made with you in mind, with all the compartments you need for all your valuables, money, credit cards ID cards and photos all in one great looking secure place. Made of 100% real leather these wallets are beefy and tough and of course look great! This Wallet comes complete with a removable 12" chrome chain that easily clips to a sturdy corner rivet on the wallet. This wallet is a great fashion statement but also secures your wallet and belongings safely to you making theft or loss of your wallet nearly impossible. the chain also features a loose clip that is perfect for attaching your keys keeping them safe and secure as well. The wallet itself features 4 separate compartments including 3 for your credit cards and IDs, and one over sized money compartment on the top that is big enough to hold any kind of international currency.